Unrivaled safeguard for all municipal, construction, and agricultural industry personnel.

Servicing the on-site safety needs of water services, and other operations involving conductive electrical pipework.


Vital Equipment for Water Services Safety and Maintenance Regimes.

PlumbSafePlumbSafe: Reducing the Risk to Maintenance Personnel.

Statistics show us a predominant number of worker fatalities have occurred in construction and water industries. On average, between 2003-2015, 11 workers died each year as a result of contact with electricity.

According to surveys conducted by Housing for Health, of 7711 houses assessed, only 72% had a functional earth connection.  PlumbSafe identifies these risks to provide safer working environments for municipal personnel, construction sites, and safer homes for our communities.

Significantly reducing the risk to your personnel of experiencing an electric shock incident.


PlumbSafe provides an unparalleled level of safety for your workers by continuously monitoring the ground reference and pipe connections.

Usually establishing (and maintaining) a true ground reference is notoriously difficult (and time-consuming) but PlumbSafe accomplishes this with ease.

Voltage is electrical potential between two points. Without a ground reference, pipe voltages cannot be measured.   Unlike other products on the market, PlumbSafe establishes and continually monitors a high-quality ground reference;  alarming if this reference is lost.

PlumbSafe will identify current/ electrical safety concerns; where electrical safety may well be compromised – often due to shortcomings of other, older conventional electrical safety products still being used today (like Plumb Guard.)

PlumbSafe units incorporate advanced microprocessor technology, previously unseen in the market.

Measuring continuity, quickly and efficiently – more reliable, accurate voltage detection, combined with fail-safe alarms,  data logging, and continuous self-testing of all internal components.  Relentless monitoring of system integrity, incl. all connections – from speedy setup and throughout its operation;  persistent testing of PlumbSafe unit’s battery, bridging strap connections, ground & pipe test connections, in addition to its own internal electronics health.

There’s no other water services electrical safety product on the market today, as efficient and as reliable, when it absolutely needs to be than PlumbSafe.